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    friend<BR> Could i be using http referer inside the body tag of the asp code, in this case will the referer work. I tried it but it says that the headers for the page is already loaded.Could you be helping me in this issue.<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Sundareasan

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    I guess you are using NT4.0 or less. This could be caused due to ASP 2.0 and less flush the content as they are creating it, so by the time you are trying to capture and write headers, it has already done that to the browser. Buffering is turned on by default in Win2000. You can fix this in 2 ways:<BR><BR>1) Change your settings in the Microsoft Management Console to turn buffering on.<BR>2) do it just in that page by adding this somewhere on top:<BR>...<BR>&#060;%Response.Buffer = True%&#062;<BR>...<BR>If you do this at some point in your document you can "flush" the contents by writing:<BR>...<BR>&#060;%Response.Flush%&#062;<BR >...<BR>If you don&#039t write anything, it will automatically flush the whole page at the end.<BR><BR>I am not realy sure if this is the problem, so please bear with me and give it a shot. I hope it works.

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