Or if I can&#039t, can I detect if they did??<BR><BR>Here&#039s the stuff:<BR><BR>I am sending my users to a page when they click on certain image on my site.<BR><BR>once they&#039re on that page, the user gets a random number, and if he wants another one, he must go back an click on the image again.<BR><BR>is there any way to prevent a user from reloading the page where I give him the number?<BR><BR>I do not want to use session variables, and the request.servervariables("HTTP_REFERER") keeps it&#039s value even if the user reloads the page.<BR><BR> A querystring is a little bit obvious, so I wouldn&#039t want to go with that either, and making the image a form field looks like the right answer, but I don&#039t like it so much either because the mouse would not turn into a hand (sign of a link), and maybe not so experienced users could miss the link.<BR><BR> thanx for ur help.<BR><BR>Mauricio C.