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    OK, I have made a pretty simple guestbook using ASP.<BR><BR>It has 3 files -<BR>: default.asp (main page with entrys on)<BR> sign.asp (the page where you input your info)<BR> send.asp (the page that sends the form fields into db)<BR><BR>The database has 4 fields -<BR>: id (autonumber)<BR> name (text)<BR> message (text)<BR> date (text)<BR><BR>It all works fine but I have a problem with it...<BR><BR>How do I get the database entrys to be shown on the page so that the later entrys in the db are first on the page and the first entrys last...<BR><BR>I would appreciate help :]<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Platoon<BR><BR>

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    Aflatoon Guest

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    Abbey ghochu,<BR> u have a date field right... it shud be actually be a date time field... then fire a query with "order by datefield" .....<BR><BR>finished... ho gaya... saaley itna easy cheeez tere ko nahi aata hai..... ja chullu bhar paani main dib ja...

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