I need to pass a name through the querystring which is actually the name of the object I need to perfrom a method upon.<BR><BR>http://localhost/test/test.asp?action=kill&room=omain<BR><BR>Where "omain" is the name of the object "oMain" and this object happens to be a dictionary object.<BR><BR>For now I&#039m using a Select Case statement to handle what I need but I&#039m sure there is a better way to do this.<BR><BR>Current Solution:<BR> Select Case Request.Querystring("room")<BR> Case "omain"<BR> Set oRoom = oMain<BR> Case "oadmin"<BR> Set oRoom = oAdmin<BR> End Select<BR><BR>Then I just perform whatever method I need to use on the oRoom<BR><BR>I would rather just SET the oRoom variable to the Request.Querystring("room") string using some kind of VBscript function.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Brian<BR>