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    Dan Evans Guest

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    I was bored Friday so I wrote this little game in Javascript. Tell me what you think (IE4+ only sorry, it&#039s not Netscaped yet)<BR><BR><BR><BR> Cheers :o)<BR><BR>-Dan

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    Dan Evans Guest

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    Typical, I spelt the URL wrong:<BR><BR><BR><BR>-Dan

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    ather Guest

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    hello Dan Evans<BR><BR>it was impressing for me... u seems to be a very good java script programmer... so please will u be kind enough to help me in java script... <BR>i have posted three java script problems here in same message board and their titles are<BR>"need a java script trick..IMPORTANT"<BR>"need another java script trick....IMPORTANT"<BR>"JAVA SCRIPT HELP"<BR><BR>please read those even if some one has already sended a reply..<BR><BR>thank u very much<BR>bye

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    Pretty cool, i like it

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