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    Clancy Guest

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    I am looking to obtain a person&#039s username for their Windows NT log in. The problem is that we are using Proxy server and people are accessing the internal webserver as anonymous. Is there a way to trace the username? Thanks

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    have you tried:<BR><BR>response.write request.servervariables("LOGON_USER")

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    Clancy Guest

    Default Sorry about the double posts

    Sorry about the double posts

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    Default uh...Double posts?? where

    You mean triple posts.... :-)

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    Charles Miller Guest

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    I am rather new at ASP. How do I setup to use this where I can display a message saying "Hello &#060;username&#062;" ?<BR><BR>This is the code I sen in the forums:<BR>response.write request.servervariables("LOGON_USER") <BR><BR>Charles Miller

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