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Thread: How to: COPY LDAP

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    Owen Mortensen Guest

    Default How to: COPY LDAP

    Does anyone know how I can copy my LDAP database from one NT Server/SQL Server machine to another? I&#039ve tried the (copy the database -- create new ldap server) route, but it seems to only copy SOME of the LDAP entries and my APS pages can&#039t get to any of the entried in the new LDAP server.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR>TIA,<BR>Owen Mortensen<BR>

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    Owen Mortensen Guest

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    OK, I&#039ve got everything &#060;copied&#062;.... However, when I change a field in the copied LDAP, that same field in the original LDAP changes as well?!!!!???$&%*#$ So frustrating....<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR>TIA<BR>Owen

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