I&#039m trying to make a very hard query, and it needs to be done in a grid format, and after hours of reseach, it looks like i need to use Olap and/or MDX. This is a lot harder then SQL and I can&#039t find much resources on it anywhere. Heres what I need to do, <BR>left column will be all records taken from a column in a table of SQL, top row will be all records from a column in a sql table as well, and at their x,y matching coordinates, it will be the count of all records that have the same information from the top row and left column. (my first thought was to run SQL loops in the table for left column, and loop for row in the top, and then a code that would tie each together to get the count of all records that match them, but this seems impossible) <BR>Thanks a lot<BR>Jason