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    Hi<BR><BR>I been looking for some documentation on how I would execute an asp function from an HTML page, do something and return built html to the same page.<BR><BR>For example I wanted to build a webring that would allowed people to join without having to actually having an asp enabled site or ssi, plain HTML.<BR><BR>I searched and asp101 without success and thought maybe someone here could point me in the right direction or simply tell me this is not possible ?<BR><BR>Thx

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    I think that you can write vbScript (Client side) on an HTML page or JavaScript(clientSide). ASP is server side so if the extension is not asp and the server doesn&#039t support asp, you won&#039t be able to do anything. (i don&#039t think so...)<BR>But an html can execute some vbscript or javascript.

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