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    Peter Guest

    Default Check for file based on database recorde

    Hello,<BR>I have a database that looks up id&#039s and displays .jpg images for the id. How can I test to see if the ID & ".jpg" file exists on the server. If you need to see some examples I can show you what I have.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    iyyappan n iyer Guest

    Default Construct URLs to images at run time, to store and

    V have images upload code, that upload the image file, and in the remote server, another asp file, takes a id number and creates a image file, with name (Product257.gif) and in the table we have a image url field, where we store the same url to the image.<BR><BR>when displaying we use img tag to display images.<BR><BR>note that first get the image url value from table, into memory variable.<BR>for example<BR>mUrl = Rs("ImageUrl")<BR>REsponse.Write "&#060;Img SRC=" & mUrl & "&#062;"<BR><BR>we have almost no problems.<BR><BR>and make sure that u don&#039t create invalid file names for images.<BR>for if u used a name with a space in it, it will not work.<BR><BR>so stick to numbers.<BR><BR>try it<BR><BR>for more help check out (image upload)

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