Permissions error when sending CDONTS email

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Thread: Permissions error when sending CDONTS email

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    Dave Yates Guest

    Default Permissions error when sending CDONTS email

    I have problems sending an email from 1 of my 3 webs. The 3 webs all exist the same web server. The problem is, it&#039s the most important web that gets the error. :-(<BR><BR>&#039work&#039 is my production web <BR><BR>&#039devwork&#039 is my development web for &#039work&#039 (it is identical to &#039work&#039, except for the connection strings in the global.asa)<BR><BR>&#039play&#039 is where I try out different concepts/designs, etc. <BR><BR>I am getting the &#039VB Script runtime 800a0046 error - Permission denied&#039 when I try to send an email from my &#039work&#039 web. The exact same file (email.asp) works fine on the other 2 webs.<BR><BR>I read the article on 4guys about CDO email, and it refers to this problem, so I&#039ve made sure that IUSR_myservername has full control permissions on the Inetpub/mailroot directory (and all sub-directories).<BR><BR>I&#039ve checked the directory permissions on &#039wwwrootwork&#039 and &#039wwwrootdevwork&#039, and they are identical. &#039play&#039 is a little more restricted since it is for my use only.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any idea as to what could be causing this ?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help !<BR><BR>- dave -<BR><BR>

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    LeeAnnie Guest

    Default RE: Permissions error when sending CDONTS email<BR><BR><BR>Here are some articles I found on MSDN for ya.... I hope they solve your problem. :o)<BR><BR>PS: (You probably already know this (sounds like you do), but just in case) Run regedt32 at Start/Run to gain access to the registry

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    Dave Yates Guest

    Default RE: Permissions error when sending CDONTS email

    The articles didn&#039t have the exact fix, but DID point me in the right direction. Thank you for posting.<BR><BR>It ended up being an Microsoft Management Console setting on IIS that was different for that particular web. We noticed that the "Run in separate memory space(isolated process)" was checked on the web that wasn&#039t working and was unchecked on the ones that were.<BR><BR>Once we unchecked the box, we were able to successfully send an email from our web.<BR><BR>To test our fix, we checked the box again. Here&#039s the weird part.....the email continues to work. Go figure (?) <BR><BR>Perhaps when we reboot the server (we can&#039t do that today without aggravating our users) it will not work, but at least now we know how to get it to work.<BR><BR>Thanks again for your response.<BR><BR>- dave -<BR>

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