I use a counter.txt file to assign a sequential number to a work transaction. The script uses the line:<BR>CounterFile = Server.MapPath ("counter.txt")<BR>After upgrading to FrontPage 2000 server extensions, my script will read the file, process the number + 1 but will not write that number back to counter.txt. in other words, it used to increment, but not any longer. By changing the script to remove Server.MapPath and referencing the actual file as in<BR>CounterFile="counter.txt" it now increments and writes just fine. counter.txt is in another directory not in the root web.<BR>I know it has something to do with write permissions, but can&#039t figure it out. Read on the microsoft board that installing Outlook 2000 might overwrite ASP.exe and it needs to be reinstalled. This is on an NT Server using IIS 4.0<BR>Any help is appreciated.