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Thread: Launching Client Side .exe's

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    Sean Guest

    Default Launching Client Side .exe's

    Is it possible to launch an application or batch file on the client side machine with ASP and if so how?

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    No - it&#039s possible for you to offer an exe for download, but the user has to run it themselves. The reason should be obvious - if ASP could run an exe on the client then that would be a MAJOR security problem.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    al dawg Guest

    Default is this in the FAQ

    If this isn&#039t in the FAQ yet, it darn well should be.<BR><BR>How can you even ASK that question? Do you want people to run files on your hard drive? If that&#039s the case, people can run ANY kind of program to send them your personal files, passwords, ANYTHING you could imagine.<BR>

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