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    ather Guest

    Default need a java script trick.... IMPORTANT

    can any one tell me how i can scroll a framed window in java script ... please keep in mind that i have a right frame, a left frame and a bottom frame in a window whose addressbar=0, toolbar=0 and menubar=0.... and auto refresh is implemeted in left frame window which i want to scroll after every refresh...<BR><BR>I AM USING WINDOW.SCROLL(x,y) WHICH IS NOT WORKING I NEED A SOL WHICH IS EFFECTIVE FOR BOTH NETSCAPE AND IE...<BR><BR>another non working sol (it works only for IE)<BR>=========================================== ===<BR>i was calling a function on each refresh whose implementation was like following..<BR><BR>fname()<BR>{<BR> window.location.href="filename.asp#hidden_bookmark "<BR>}<BR><BR>BUT IT IS NOT WORKING FOR NETSCAPE... PLEASE GIVE ME ANE SOL WHICH WORKS FOR BOTH IE AND NETSCAPE.....<BR><BR><BR>thanks

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    Dan Evans Guest

    Default window.location.href = "file.htm#bm"

    This works fine in Netscape for me. You have to remember that the bookmark in Netscape has to be in the form:<BR>&#060;a name = "myBookmark"&#062;&#060;/a&#062; as opposed to the IE method of just putting an id = "myBookmark" attribute in any tag.<BR><BR> Hope this helps.

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