I need to be able to add multiple checkbox values into a table.<BR><BR>Example: A member record is created where one member may have multiple affiliations (NSA, UNCLE, SMUSH). The MemberID newly created by adding the member is returned as a variable (intMemberID), and the multiple affiliations are temporarily stored in the variable frmAffiliations. Each affiliation has a corresponding AffiliationID in the table Member_Affiliation, which also stores the MemberID values. <BR><BR>For each affiliation selected, I would like an INSERT SQLstmt executed that would add the memberID and each affiliation.<BR>Something like:<BR>For intCount = 1 to Request.Form("Affiliations").Count<BR> INSERT INTO Member_Affiliation (MemberID,AffiliationID) <BR> VALUES (intmemberID,frmAffiliations(intCount)<BR>Next<BR> <BR>What&#039s the correct for next and SQL syntax to make this work?<BR><BR>Here&#039s the SQLstmt that will successfully input the first frmAffiliations Value...<BR><BR>Sqlstmt6 = "INSERT INTO Member_Affiliation(MemberID,AffiliationsID) VALUES (&#039" & intMemberID & "&#039, &#039" & frmAffiliations & "&#039)"<BR><BR>