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    I have a database with five fields. One of which is a memo field which usually contains about 50 words. I want to be able to search this field by keyword. Can someone give me any hints to the best way to search through the memo field in a database for keyword or keywords.

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    &nbsp;<BR>Well, the EASIEST way is to use the LIKE keyword, e.g.<BR><BR><BR>select Memo1 from table1 where memo1 like &#039%keyword%&#039<BR><BR>or (if Access):<BR><BR>select Memo1 from table1 where memo1 like &#039*keyword*&#039<BR><BR>However, this is also not the most efficient way. You may want to research full-text indexing. This is very fast, but it is not created dynamically (i.e. you must &#039reindex&#039 at certain points)<BR><BR>Hope this helps!

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