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    Satish Patil Guest

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    When I mail a web page using File System Object,I am able to read the whole of the text from the specified html file,but the images are not displayed to the person whow i am sending.When i view the source it shows that the path of the image is not correct.<BR> I am really stuck up with this problem,so kindly do reply me as soon as possible.<BR><BR>regards,<BR>satish.

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    BalletChick Guest

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    Can you kindly tell me as soon as possible how you&#039re sending email with the FileSystemObject?<BR><BR>

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    sathiya Guest

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    i think the problem is naming of the path for the image. I think u just call the image as (ex) ="xyz.jpg" but when u send a mail u need to write the full location from Http like.<BR> . Try and see if not paste the line which gives the location for image.

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