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    Hello All<BR><BR>************Problem I HAve***************<BR><BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error &#039 80040e57&#039 <BR><BR>String or binary data would be truncated. <BR><BR>************Problem I HAve***************<BR><BR>But The Same Query Run Successfuly in Sql Server Quesry Analyzer and on differnt ASP Pages..... <BR>

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    You are trying to insert data that is too long for the field - eg trying to insert a 60-character string into a varchar(25) field.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    I&#039ve run into the same error when I have used temporary recordsets and did not have the length of the field long enough. Make sure the lengths in the entire chain from input to database are adequate.<BR><BR>Hope that helps.

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