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    How do I issues HTTP commands with asp? For instance how can I goto a page and pass parameters with the POST method instead of the querystring?<BR><BR>e.g.<BR>Instead of using Response.Redirect "somepage.asp?var1=value1&var2=value2"<BR><BR> I want to access the same page and pass the parameters in the same way forms do using the POST method.

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    There is no built in way (that I have heard of), I usualy resort to sending a form and submitting it with JS instead of redirecting.<BR><BR>

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    This is what I&#039m doing as well. However, recently I found a component HTTPasp or something (I don&#039t really remember) which does what I want to do. It isn&#039t very flexible though and I prefer making my own components (most of the time). Thing is, that now I know there is a way to do it. I don&#039t know how though - yet.

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