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    Default IP Address range filtering

    Hi<BR><BR>I am filtering a range of IP addresses for a particular proxy server ( 64.27.84.* ) with the code below and was wondering if there was a better method to do this ?<BR><BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>Dim variable<BR><BR>variable = Request.ServerVariables("LOCAL_ADDR")<BR><BR>if Mid(variable,1,8) = "64.27.84" Then<BR> &#039Do nothing<BR>Else<BR> Call pageCount("count")<BR>End If<BR>

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    Default Slightly more efficient, that's all...

    Do this instead:<BR><BR>if left(variable, 8) &#060;&#062; "64.27.84" then<BR> pageCount "count"<BR>end if

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