Troubles with (ASP, SQL and crystal 8)

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Thread: Troubles with (ASP, SQL and crystal 8)

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    I&#039m trying to dynamically feed information from a SQL db into a Crystal Report. The documentation with Crystal is really bollocks! HELP PLEASE - any examples tips etc,please mail me at<BR><BR>Thanx in advance - Willow (Developer in need)

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    WillowI seem to remember reading an article on Crystal, ChiliReports, Access, etc... on need to do a search for the article yourself I&#039m afraid, as I tried but they seem to be having trouble with their up time at the moment.If it doesn&#039t help too much I&#039m sure you could check the guy who wrote it for a bit more info, however, I&#039ve never had to use crystal before but those that I know that have, have had a hard time, so good luck in the quest
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