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    Lynn Maharet Guest

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    This is not about ASP but who noes any of you <BR>could help me.<BR><BR>From Visual Interdev how do i set the Form&#039s Icon?<BR>For ex like Internet explorer the window icon consist<BR>of a blank page and the letter &#039e&#039 but i want to customize mine.<BR>thanks.

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    Guhan Guest

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    This is not possible because the contents are published in a client browser and not in a form like vb which u r creating. so u can have only the browsers icon and hope it cannot be made customizable.<BR><BR>guhan

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    Persesus Guest

    Default It is possible !!

    It is possible to change the icon, I guess you mean the one in the address bar.<BR><BR>To do this, in the main root of your website you need to put an icon 16x16 and call it favicon.ico<BR>

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