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    i have and have read the tutorials on inserting data into an access database from an input form in html. i&#039m pretty sure i can make it work too. what i&#039m having trouble with is adapting the idea to my specific problem. my end users use ASP to lookup a specific record in my access database. the return page is written dynamically only giving them the record they need from the database. what i need to do is put a form on that dynamic page which will allow them to add notes to one of the fields in ONLY the record they searched for and found. can someone help me with this or point me in the direction of some walkthru&#039s to get the basics of it? thanks in advance.

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    On the asp page give the user a text area for input<BR>if you want to reteive previous note include that in you original query<BR><BR>&#060;Form Action="UpdateNotes.asp?RsID=&#060;%=RecordID%&#06 2;" Method="Post"&#062;<BR>&#060;TextArea Rows="10" Cols="30" Name="Notes"&#062;&#060;%=RS("Notes")%&#062;&#060;/Text&#062;<BR>&#060;Input Type="Submit" Value="Update Notes"&#062;<BR><BR>then on your UpdateNotes.asp page<BR><BR>open your connection then do an update query<BR><BR>Dim StrNotes<BR>Dim StrID<BR><BR>StrID=Request.QueryString("RSID")<BR> StrNotes=Request.form("Notes")<BR><BR>get rid of any special sql characters like &#039<BR>StrNotes=Replace(StrNote,"&#039",",")<BR> <BR><BR>Sql=Update YourTable set YourTable.Notes=&#039" & StrNotes & "&#039"<BR>Sql=Sql & " Where YourTableName.RecordID=" & StrID<BR>Conn.Execute SQL<BR> <BR><BR>

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