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    A have an SQL Server 7.0 field (varchar) that contains a double quote (") field = &#039bob"joe&#039. I am retrieving the record using an SQL statements contained in a string and executed through ADO. I am storing the value in a variable which is then displayed using HTML, input type = "edit" in the value attribute. I am using value = "mystr". It is only displaying up to the double quote and not the remainder, if you view source you can see the entire string with double quotes around it.<BR><BR>Any ideas I need to display the entire string including the double quote?

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    Replace(string, chr(34), chr(34) & chr(34))<BR><BR>useful subject line by the way......<BR><BR>j

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    Sorry about the subject line. This replaces one double quote with two of the them when writing to the database. but reacts exactly the same way when retrieved and displayed. On the same line I tried <BR>Replace(string, chr(34), chr(39) & chr(39)&chr(39) & chr(39))<BR>replacing the double quote with four (&#039) ticks which are saved as two ticks and is visually acceptable.<BR><BR>If there is a real solution instead of a work around out there please let me know.

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