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Thread: stored procedures and asp??

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    Tripp Guest

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    How can we use stored procedures in an ASP??<BR>Can anyone help me with the creation of stored procedures, and how to call it in asp. also, where do we store the stored procedure?as a file??<BR><BR>also, how does usage of stored procedure help?for what kind of things can stored procedure be used??<BR>Thanks a lot,

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    sathiya Guest

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    Storedprocedures help in so many ways it reduces the time in execution of sql bcos it is already compiled(Error Free) and when u want to do multiple SQL statements which are interconnected we can add and write it in single stored procedure.their r many other advantages also.<BR><BR>Set DBConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>DBConn. Open ConnectString<BR><BR>sqlstr = "Stored Procedure Name"<BR>sqlstr = sqlstr & "&#039" & passed parameters(char) & "&#039, "<BR>sqlstr = sqlstr & Passed parameter (numeric) <BR><BR>set rsSomething = DBConn.Execute(sqlstr)<BR><BR>--&#062;Easiest way for executiing SP.their r other ways in which u can used command and recordset onjects also.

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