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Thread: connection objects with the same name

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    i am working on a web sight, and every page uses a connection string with the same name. would this cause a slowdown, if more than one person is on a different page, since they are both trying to use the same connection?

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    I&#039m not 100% sure what you are asking.<BR><BR>Do you mean that you create a connection object and store it as an application value? If so, that&#039s a no-no.<BR><BR>But I suspect you mean something much more mundane than that. I suspect you simply mean that all the users are using the same connection *string*. In which case...<BR><BR>Of course they are! How else could it work? It&#039s designed to work that way, multithreaded and all.<BR><BR>Heck, if you worry about that, why don&#039t you worry about two users each using the same ASP page? No different, really. This is what multiple user operations is all about. Perfectly normal. Keep on truckin&#039!<BR>

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