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    I&#039ve been wandering about why do people have lately chosen to program under jscript, instead of vbscript, even with all those errors and difficulties.<BR><BR>Another question for all: is there in jscript any command simmilar to the vbscript "ON ERROR RESUME NEXT" statement?<BR><BR>Bruno &#060;csbru@bol.com.br&#062;<BR>

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    wondering.<BR><BR>JScript has try/catch - which is actually more powerful than VBScript&#039s error handling<BR><BR>JScript has tighter variable scoping (just), so you have to be more careful with your code.<BR><BR>It&#039s more like a real programming language, it&#039s object based, and has object oriented techniques, it&#039s similar to javascript, which everyone uses on the client side anyway. it has better string handling capability, it&#039s syntax is far closer to java and c++ than VBScript<BR><BR>It&#039s a bit less braindead.<BR><BR>having said that, adoption rates are not high. most web agencies use VBScript, so as a professional, you can get trapped with it. luckily for me i know have the option, and I&#039m using it.<BR><BR>j

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    well thanks for thy help on improving my poor poor english.<BR><BR>but, brain dead? do not think so. programming is in any language. if you keep your good programming on a language, you can explore and use the most of it.<BR><BR>Bruno (csbru@bol.com.br&#062;<BR>

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