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    I am trying to figure out the ASP code to display a "Loading" image while the server finishes gathering and building the record set, then display all my data on the page at once. Any help is appreciated!<BR><BR>-b<BR><BR>

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    I would use a layer for the image.. and then when the database is done loading as you say just hide the layer. "make the image animated or whatever.." and as long as it&#039s not ON the screen it doesn&#039t slow anything down..<BR><BR>basically... <BR>-display load image layer<BR>-start building recordset<BR>-the next line of code should be to hide the layer..<BR><BR>I suggest to use dreamweaver to do this.. since it is easy with layering.. I like it and use it lots. You could also do something with a timeline, if you know the approximate time that it will take to create the recordset.. but that is unlikely...<BR><BR>good luck.

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