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    Jonathan Haas Guest

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    So I&#039ve developed a web application that combines<BR>ASP code with a C++ executable that implements<BR>COM Automation. My global.asa instantiates the<BR>executable as an application-scope object, and<BR>the individual pages access methods on the object.<BR> <BR>Then I find out that my @#$%^!! host won&#039t let me<BR>register a custom component. I&#039ve been trying to<BR>think of ways around that, and I have a few<BR>ideas, but none of them seem ideal or "clean".<BR>Any suggestions?<BR> <BR>The best solution, if possible, would be to tweak<BR>the executable into a .DLL and then do the<BR>equivalent of LoadLibrary() and GetProcAddress(),<BR>but I don&#039t know if that can be done through<BR>server-side scripting. Can it?<BR><BR>Other information: my host supports CGI. Also, my host may (at its discretion) register commercial components. I might be able to talk them into doing freeware as well... I&#039m thinking about ways I could use ASPExec to achieve the desired result. My application opens several database connections and uses them as a connection pool. I&#039d therefore prefer, if possible, to keep the execution at application scope, rather than relaunching every time a page is requested.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any help.<BR>

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    WON&#039t let you!!?? or will CHARGE you $25 bucks or so?<BR><BR>If they WON&#039t let you, then you need to switch web hosting companies. Try or<BR><BR>

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    Jonathan Haas Guest

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    Actually, we&#039re with Interland. I&#039m quite happy with them, but they only allow custom component registration with their dedicated hosting plans, as opposed to their shared/virtual plans. We&#039ll be going dedicated soon, but we&#039re not quite ready for that yet.

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    BalletChick Guest

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    Of course... if they allowed you to have ASPExec, then you could pretty easily use it to call Regsvr32, eh? ;)

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    BalletChick Guest

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    (Assuming, of course, the security is screwed up!)

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