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    When I set up cookies on my local machine it works fine, but when I push the same file to Development Server though it sets up a cookie on my local machine, it doesn&#039t recognize them, and says No Cookies, why is this strange behaviour, Thanks for any information. I am setting up cookis like this.<BR>Response.Cookies("UserID") = UserID<BR>Response.Cookies("UserID").Expires = Date()+30<BR><BR>If Request.Cookies("UserID") = "" Then<BR> Response.Write "No Cookies"<BR>Else <BR> Do the stuff&#039 Display page<BR><BR>End If

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    How sure are you that the VARIABLE UserID has a value in it?<BR><BR>Response.Write UserID<BR>If.. &#039the rest of your stuff. See if UserID is indeed full.

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