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    Hello. I am the webmaster for an online magazine and I put up articles pretty regularly. Unfortunately, I each time I make a new article, I have to insert the text into a blank page (which uses includes, thankfully, for my menu, header, and footer) but that is still a lot of work. What I would really like to do is perhaps insert my articles in a text file and upload them to the server and be able to browse to them via a URL similar to this:<BR><BR><BR><BR>or for individual pages:<BR><BR><BR><BR>or something like that.<BR><BR>Unfortunately, I don&#039t know ASP, and I don&#039t know how to set up an online database. However, I can implement such things pretty easily if I have the code. Could someone please direct me to a site that tells how to do this? <BR><BR>I would really appreciate it. Thanks.<BR><BR>~Matt --

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    All of this is pretty easy in ASP. You wouldn&#039t even need to use a database...just go get .txt or .html files if that&#039s easier for you to manage.<BR><BR>But where to have you start? If you haven&#039t already bought a good book on ASP, time to do so. After that...<BR><BR>Well, look at all the resources on this and other great ASP sites. I point you especially to and the "lessons" there.<BR><BR>Finally, I might comment that if you use files instead of a DB then you could do this very easily in most any server side technology...CGI, for example...if you are more familiar with them.<BR><BR>

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