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    I have set up at site which consists of a frameset on a server. All the frameset pages are loaded froma compelety different server. When I navigate around the site the ASP works fine but when I type the ASP script name after the domain name ( it gives me the option to open or download my ASP script. <BR><BR>This can&#039t be right as I understood that under no circumstances could other people view you asp across the net!<BR><BR>I&#039m using IE 5 and the framset page is hosted on a UNIX server while all the other pages including ASP ones are loaded from a NT server.

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    OK<BR><BR> - that&#039d be the UNIX server then? it just looks as if you&#039ve uploaded ASP files to the UNIX box (a big mistake), which doesn&#039t know what to do with them, or that the NT box is running a non-IIS server<BR><BR>j

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