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    I have attempted using the following code as I do in my current asp pages to instantiate an instance of an MTS object inside of ASP+ to no avail. Does anyone have any recommendations or tips that I might try? Thanks in advance for your assistance.<BR><BR>Dim obj (in ASP+ I am using AS OBJECT)<BR><BR>Dim Region (in ASP+ I am using as DATASET)<BR><BR>Set obj=CreateObject("BMISMgrMTS.cMain") (In ASP+ I am not using the SET command)<BR><BR>Set Region=obj.Get_Region_Desc (In ASP+ I am not using the SET command).<BR><BR>The error I keep receiving is that I am trying to call a method or property of an uninitialized object reference.<BR>Se<BR><BR>

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    I am just guessing since I have not fully experimented with using COM objects in ASP+, but I think may you have to use a wrapper in order to access some activex controls. This was mentioned in reference to using activex objects in Winforms, but I can&#039t imagine it&#039s not applicable to ASP+, since COM objects may not necessarily be "trustworthy" since they don&#039t run on the NGWS. There is a brief explanation of using ActiveX Wrappers in the WinForms quickstart that comes with the NGWS Runtime.<BR><BR>Like I said, it&#039s just a guess...

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