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    Here&#039s my code snippet, including my error logging. My problem is that it errors on setting the variable objASP to the variable objContext. You have to believe me when I say, this isn&#039t the only method of setting the objects that I&#039ve tried. I&#039ve tried (what seems like) a dozen different ways, YIKES! Has anybody tried this successfully before and like to shed some light my way? Thanks, your insight/suggestions are deeply appreciated.<BR><BR><BR>Dim sQstring As String &#039used to encrypt the querystring sent out for ratings_form.asp<BR>Dim objASP As ASPTypeLibrary.Server &#039used to encode the querystring<BR>Dim objContext As MTxAS.ObjectContext<BR><BR>&#039error logging<BR>#If TRACE Then<BR> App.LogEvent "before the setting objContext in WonAuctionNotification()...", vbLogEventTypeInformation<BR>#End If<BR> <BR>Set objContext = GetObjectContext<BR><BR>&#039error logging <BR>#If TRACE Then<BR> App.LogEvent "before the setting objASP in WonAuctionNotification()...", vbLogEventTypeInformation<BR>#End If<BR><BR>&#039error occurs when it hits this line. the actual error is<BR>&#039 Err#:429. Description:ActiveX component can&#039t create object<BR>Set objASP = objContext.CreateInstance("ASPTypeLibrary.Server") <BR> <BR>sQstring = lAuctionID<BR>sQstring = objASP.URLEncode(EnCrypt(sQstring))<BR> <BR>Set objASP = Nothing<BR>Set objContext = Nothing

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    That sounds like an error stemming from an incorrect class string. Are you sure that ASPTypeLibrary.Server is the correct string to use?<BR><BR>It is recommended to call objContext.SetComplete towards the end of methods too, BTW.

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