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    Uwe Marrek Guest

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    hello everyone, a simple question. using frontpage it creates a hyperlink to an asp routine, that sorts files in a specified directory and brings it on the screen. The name of the directory is in the asp in a variable named mdownloaddir. So how can I pass the directory name with the hyperlink to that specific routine. (maybe with on click ?)<BR>thanks a lot

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    *snigger* Guest

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    Frontpage hehehe

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    Guhan Guest

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    do u mean u want to store the directory name from the hyperlink of a page to an asp page with var mdownloaddir.<BR><BR>guhan

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    uwe marrek Guest

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    Yes guhan, I want to create a hyperlink, that passes the information of an specified folder location ex "c:Music" to an asp script, that sorts the specified folder (routine is already here, what I need is the idea to pass the information to this sortroutine.<BR><BR>please,due to that very busy chat there, answer per email to<BR>u.marrek@gmx.de ///thanks in advance<BR><BR>So I have many hyperlinks on one page, which are letters from<BR>A to Z, also my Downloadfolders are A to Z. Depending on where the user clicks, the sort routine should receive the name of the<BR>wanted directory

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