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    K. Shri Guest

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    I want to avoid users from saving my page when they click "Save As"<BR><BR>Can anyone tell me how to go about it using ASP 2.0?<BR>Thanx,<BR>-Shri

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    Chrace Guest

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    Encode it so it&#039s totally unreadable text, then noone wants to save it...<BR><BR>In other words, not possible. Since you transfer simple text, it can be saved. There are some various ways to capture right click in javascript, but that&#039ll only stop the normal users. Any HTML page you transfer to the user can be saved.

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    Gad shri,are there applications going on good ol earth which require such things to be done

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    Yeahh man, my client has some old paintings which he wants only to display, and doesnt want anyone to save it on their disk!!

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