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    I have recently upgraded my system from NT4 Workstation to Win2000 Professional. On this computer, I maintain a development environment for working on multiple, independent web sites hosted elsewhere in their production versions. Unfortunatly, I have never been able to get NT4 Workstation to view each site independant from each other as far as the Application workspace is concerned. When reviewing the documentation about how to do this, I noticed a menu item in the IIS Setup Consule called something like "new home site" which does not appear in NT4, but DOES appear in NT server. Does Windows 2000 Professional also have this functionallity? If not, is there a workaround to cause it to behave this way? My main goal is to separate locally stored web sites into separate applications workspaces which do NOT share Application variables. Also, I would also like to reference paths which reference back to the root of the web site("/FileAtRootOfWeb.asp") regardless of how deep the calling page. While these features work now AFTER uploading to my ISP, they do not work on my Workstation development platform (very troubling situation). Please... tell me how to have such functionality in W2K (the Workstation version).<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Rob

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    actually, you can seperate web applications on NT4 workstation. Make sure the root aplication is clean of app and session variables, then<BR><BR>go toy management console, right click the folder you&#039d like to isolate, go to properties-&#062;Virtual Directory-&#062;Application settings and click create. name it, run it in it&#039s own process. you should now have an isolated Application<BR><BR>I&#039m currently running NT4WS as a development environment here at work while I wait for my new server to arrive (and my bloody software, microsoft australia!!) As for Win2k server, can&#039t tell you until MS au come up with the goods (after all this time)<BR><BR><BR>j

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