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    Salim Guest

    Default Still that NULL Problem

    when I put <BR><BR>rst("text") = ""<BR>rst.update<BR><BR>I get<BR>error 800a01a8<BR>Object missing !!!<BR><BR>the same with rst("text") = Null<BR><BR>help Please

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    Default huh......

    are you saying that if you put<BR><BR>rst("text") = "abc"<BR>rst.update there is no error but when you put<BR><BR>rst("text") = " "<BR>rst.update ther is an error??

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    Salim Guest

    Default RE: I AM STUPID !!!

    AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH, I got it, I m too stupid<BR><BR>I had <BR>blah = "" it doesn t work<BR><BR>BUT<BR><BR>blah = " " does. <BR><BR>Where s my brain, do I have one at all?<BR><BR>thx a lot for your help

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