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Thread: rs paging and rs persistence

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    joe bacon Guest

    Default rs paging and rs persistence

    How do you save all the changes made to an asp page that uses rs paging at one time?

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    paul13 Guest

    Default more specific please

    more specific please.<BR><BR>maybe an example

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    iyyappan n iyer Guest

    Default RE: rs paging and rs persistence

    we use a slightly resource-expence algorithm for paging.<BR><BR>create a rs in a particular order. order is important.<BR><BR>count the records and decide no of pages by dividing total records by 10 (or whatevernumber)<BR>then loop to create as many links with page numbers.<BR>when a link is clicked, create the same recordset in the same order, and move the record pointer, the correct no of records from top.<BR><BR>for example, for second page, move the record pointer 10 records down from top and so on then display 10 records. <BR><BR>that is what we have tried.<BR><BR>there may be smarter solutions.

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