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Thread: File uploads and then attaching???

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    Hi there,<BR><BR>I have seen several threads on this, but no one has answered my questions, which is why I need to post. <BR><BR>I am trying to develop a form to allow users to upload MS Word documents, and then have those documents immediately attached to an email and sent... without saving the file anywhere on the server.<BR><BR>Can someone explain this step by step on a "how to"? I do not understand what the input field should look like, and what basic ASP I need in the background to be able to extract the word document from the other data submitted via the form. I have seen lots of threads reference a "Request.Files" object, but I cannot find that in any books (including the latest Teach yourself asp in 21 days). <BR><BR>Can someone give a brief tutorial for "naive people" or point me to one? <BR><BR>Feel free to email me at as well.<BR><BR>Thank you!

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    I don&#039t know that it can be done without putting the file in a temp directory so that the email component can retieve it.<BR><BR>I have a sample app on my site that uses ASPUpload and Jmail to upload the file to a temp directory then after the email is sent it deletes the file .<BR><BR>Its at under the Email form with attachment using Jmail link, you can view and copy the code if you like.<BR>

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    Email me at and I&#039ll send you the code (all VBScript, no components for the upload stuff though you should have an Email component)

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