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    How can i do this???<BR>I have a form whit 5 values OK? <BR>How can i preview the values in other page??<BR>example: the preview button of this list,, when you start a new tread you have the preview button... how the button works??<BR>Somebody have de code please??? Where can i find some information?<BR>The same question is about print. How can i print only the texts of page???<BR>

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    Well,<BR><BR>all the preview page is this<BR>have your form submit to a page that is identical to the one you are on(you could even use the same)<BR>have the value attribute of each field be request.form("valueoffield") <BR>and then then submit to next page, if you only want text then<BR>just print the request.form() things <BR>skol`

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