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    I am experiencing a problem w/ my NT server that I have so far been unable to resolve. Most of the sites on the server use Access 2000 databases, but a few use Access 97, after working for about 2 weeks, DSNless connections to Access 97 DB stop working, I get:<BR><BR>cannont connect to file: (unknown) blah blah blah<BR><BR>The Access 2K databases operate correctly. This problem is only fixed by a reboot of the server. I have reinstalled ADO, and SP6a. I don&#039t know what else to try, here are my server&#039s specs:<BR><BR>NT 4.0 - SP6a - Dual PIII 600 - 512Mb RAM - IE 5.5 - ADO 2.5<BR><BR>any help would be appreciated, I have tried searching the MS KB to no avail, please email me suggestions:<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    You could try starting and stopping each service in the services applet when you are experiencing the error on one of your A97 servers and find the affected service. The obvious fix is to upgrade your 97 apps to 2000.<BR><BR>Hope this helps

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    The error comes up if the connection string to the dB is not 100% correct. Go over the string with a fine tooth comb.. that may be your answer.

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