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    Genny Guest

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    When I use the MSWC.BrowserType object, it properly detects Netscape 3.0 and IE 5.0 but it doesn&#039t recognize Netscape 4.0 at all. I have no idea why.<BR><BR>(I remember reading something about a "browsecap.ini" file a long time ago, but I don&#039t remember the details and there doesn&#039t appear to be a file named "browsecap.ini" anywhere on our Win 2000 Server. Do I need an updated version of this file, perhaps?)<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>-Genny

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    Maybe.u know where to get the latest version dont u?

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    Genny Guest

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    Actually, I just found an updated version at:<BR><BR><BR>I discovered I did have a browscap.ini file on my system after all. I replaced it with this new file but it still doesn&#039t work. It still doesn&#039t recognize my Netscape 4.6.1 browser.

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