Hi,<BR>I want to get the first paragraph of text from a large amount of text input and store it in a different away.<BR>What I thought would be the solution would be to add the entire thing into an array, search from chr(13), and go from there with this code<BR><BR>For i = 1 to len(Story)<BR> If mid(Story, i, 1) = chr(13) Then <BR> WordCounter = WordCounter + 1<BR> End If<BR>Next<BR><BR>WordCounter = WordCounter + 1<BR><BR><BR>Dim Word(100)<BR><BR>CurrentWord = 1<BR>For i = 1 to len(Story)<BR> If mid(Story, i, 1) = chr(13) Then<BR> CurrentWord = CurrentWord + 1<BR> Else<BR> Word(CurrentWord) = Word(CurrentWord) + mid(Story, i, 1)<BR> End If<BR>Next<BR> <BR> If i &#060;&#062; WordCounter Then<BR> description = Word(1)<BR> END IF<BR><BR>The problem being, I get<BR>Response object error &#039ASP 0106 : 80020005&#039 <BR><BR>Type Mismatch <BR><BR>? <BR><BR>An unhandled data type was encountered. <BR><BR>when I try and call the data.<BR><BR>ANy other ideas how I can do this ?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Tim