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    amos Guest

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    I am looking for some information on Page Tabs(I am talking about tabs that user can hit to go to another page, they just look like tabs on a folder). Does anyone know where i might find information on these.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    BalletChick Guest

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    They are called hrefs (or hotlinks) and they are simple to do. Just draw your tabs, save them as a GIF or JPG, and ues the &#060;a href="newdest.htm"&#062; tag to make them hot. You can also use an image map to accomplish the same thing.

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    They are very simple to do. Check out, a site which I developed that uses a horizontal tabbed structure. You can rob and modifiy the tab images if you wish and they are all done uses image maps in HTML, so you can view the source to get the code.<BR><BR>Ross

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