I&#039ve been struggling all day with this problem. I&#039d like to connect to an Access database using a DSN-less connection, but with the OLEDB Provider for the Jet Engine. The database uses user-level security (an .mdw file). The user-level security problem is giving me fits! Here is the code that I am using:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>Dim Connection<BR>Set Connection=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") <BR>Connection.ConnectionString="Provider=Microsof t.Jet.OLEDB.3.51;" _<BR> & "Data Source=&#060;path to .mdb file&#062;;Persist Security Info=" _<BR> & "False;Jet OLEDB:System Database=&#060;path to .mdw file&#062;;" _<BR> & "Jet OLEDB:User ID=General User;Jet OLEDB:Password=0000"<BR>Connection.Open <BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>No matter what I do, I keep getting this error:<BR><BR>Microsoft JET Database Engine error &#039 80004005&#039 <BR>Not a valid account name or password. <BR>/DBTest.asp, line 13<BR><BR>I know that the Username (General User) and Password (0000) work because I can get into the database in Access using them, and if I set up a System DSN with those parameters, I can access the data, also.<BR><BR>Anyone got any ideas, tips, good links - anything?