Problem with ASP/ACCESS97/UNION data from two tabl

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Thread: Problem with ASP/ACCESS97/UNION data from two tabl

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    Default Problem with ASP/ACCESS97/UNION data from two tabl

    I do have a strange problem here...<BR>I am using "myfile.asp" to simply find records from two different tables<BR>(table1, table2) in a MS Access Database 97.<BR><BR>The construction (listed below) works fine on a server running with the<BR>ODBC-driver : 4004303 (date : 7/12-99).<BR>Unfortunatly my ISP has upgraded to a newer version of the ODBC-driver :<BR>4005303 (date : 21/7-00) and the construction does not run as it should<BR>with this driver. With this driver the SQL returns "No records found"<BR>although there are matches in the tables.<BR><BR>Does anybody know :<BR>1. A workaround?<BR>2. How to produce a "Union" constrction that works well with the<BR>4005303-driver?<BR>3. If MS is aware of this problem?<BR><BR>my1SQL = "SELECT table1.idnumber FROM table1"<BR>my1SQL = strSQL + " WHERE ( LIKE &#039testname&#039)"<BR>my1SQL = strSQL + " UNION"<BR>my1SQL = strSQL + " SELECT table2.idnumber FROM table2"<BR>my1SQL = strSQL + " WHERE ( LIKE &#039testname&#039)"<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Soren Stentoft<BR>

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    Do a response.write my1SQL to see exactally what is going to the server. Looking at the code you posted I don&#039t think my1SQL is getting set to what you want...<BR><BR>HTH

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