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    Does anybody know what is the textarea maxlength?

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    Someone may correct me if I am wrong. <BR><BR>But as far as I know there theoretically is not a maxlength for textarea. Where this comes into play is were the information stored in the forms textareas is going. For example, somedataes have trouble with data coming from an element have trouble if the data is too long. For example sending data holding more than 255 charatcers to a ACCESS data cell set as type text usually will have troubles.<BR><BR>Therefore I would suggest examining or thinking about where your data in the textarea is going to go and set the textarea a maxlength. This I personally think is good practice, others may disagree.

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    Almu,<BR><BR>Unfortunately I had this problem as well. The textarea has no maxlength therefore I implemented some javascript to help resolve this problem.<BR><BR>A good place to look is here:<BR><BR>http://javascript.internet.com/forms/limit-textarea.html<BR><BR>Hope it helps.<BR><BR>Goodluck

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