Objective:<BR>Seeking a position in Web Development or Programming with a dynamic American company.<BR>(I&#039ll be in NY from September 22-25 and October 3-9, Chicago September 25-29 and Montreal September 30-October 3)<BR>Personal <BR> Born: May 22nd 1973<BR> Status: Single<BR> e-mail: vori@netvision.net.il (home)<BR> igalv@informe-aps.com (job)<BR> v_igal@hotmail.com (WWW)<BR>Computer skills <BR><BR>Script Languages and Web Technology: <BR> ASP,HTML(professional level) ; <BR> Java Script, SQL, SQR, DHTML, Java CGI,COM/DCOM <BR> (moderate knowledge );<BR>Databases : SQL6.5-7,Oracle<BR>Web Servers: IIS4 <BR>Programming Languages: <BR>Java and C/C++, including basic knowledge in PASCAL and Assembler <BR>Operating Systems: <BR> Windows NT, Unix.<BR><BR>Basic knowledge of: TCP/IP, MFC<BR><BR>MS Visual Interdev 6, C++ and J++<BR>MS Office 97 suite (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)<BR>Home Site<BR><BR>Experience Januar 2000-present <BR> Art-In Tel Aviv (http://www.art-in.com)<BR><BR>Israel: Web Development Team Leader<BR> Involved in large scale Internet technologies, analysis and customization an e-commerce solutions tailored to the customer characteristics.<BR> Responsibility includes:<BR>  Leading Web Development Team ( web developers, htmlists and graohics).<BR>  Participated in whole cycle of creation and implementation web sites.<BR>  Developing unique web applicatios<BR><BR>Experience March 1999-Octouber 1999 <BR> Systematics Tel Aviv (http://www.systematics.co.il)<BR><BR>Israel: Support Engineer<BR> Involved in the system support, analysis, customization, system implementation and customer training of Enterprise MPAC (EMPAC) - is the asset management product line, manages physical assets maintenance and consists of the following primary modules: Asset & Work, Stores, Procurement, Component Tracking, Project Tracking ,Warranty Tracking ,Curator - Electronic Document Management System<BR>Responsibility includes:<BR>  Heavily interact with the users, conducted user training and system support troubleshooting of production problems.<BR>  Participated in whole cycle of creating Hebrew product versions.<BR>  Created multiple SQR reports.<BR><BR>Israel: January 98 – March 99<BR> Systematics<BR> Tel Aviv<BR> Marketing Department <BR> Experience in marketing for GroupWare products like PC DOCS and RightFax, further for CAD/CAM/PDP products, such as SolidWorks and Agile and for the GIS products ARC/INFO, ArcView and MapObject.<BR><BR>Education <BR><BR>1997-1999 Academic College of Tel Aviv - Jaffa<BR> Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Computer Science Israel<BR><BR>1995-1997 ZUR-Institute for Industrial Education in Tefen Israel <BR> Assistant Engineer in Mechanical Engineering <BR> Including Certificate from Berufsakademie of <BR> Stuttgart/Germany<BR> <BR><BR>