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    hi i have a small doubt. hope some one of u can help me out in solving this.<BR><BR>i am loading some controls like a select box, check box, and so on controls dynamically depending on no. of records in database. <BR><BR>if i have 10 records then 10 sets of controls will be loaded in my page.<BR><BR>now user will selects enters some values in the contrls.<BR><BR>i have to capture all these values in an array(as a recordset) as and when he clicks the submit button.<BR><BR>currently what i have done is i let him go to next page and from there i captured the values thru request.form into an array. but i want to capture them in onsubmit itself.<BR><BR>any one can give a piece of code which will do this. i am not able to get the values in submit button click.<BR><BR>regards and thanks in advance<BR><BR>jaggu

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    i can&#039t provide you with exact code, but try this<BR><BR>define a javascript function, call it someting like getVars();<BR><BR>in the &#060;form&#062; tag, add onSubmit="return getVars();"<BR><BR>depending whether you want the form to go to a new page or not, return true or false from the function<BR><BR>in the function, assemble your arrays and do something appropriate with them<BR><BR>j

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    If (oRS.BOF and oRS.EOF) Then<BR>Response.write("&#060;html&#062;&#060;scri pt language=""JavaScript""&#062;")<BR>Response.write( "parent.OTHERFRAME.location.href=" & ASPFILE1.asp)<BR>Response.write("parent.THISFRAME. location.href=" & ASPFILE2.asp)<BR>Response.write("&#060;/script&#062;&#060;/html&#062;")<BR>End If<BR><BR>Normally what I do. The script will be carried out directly and the frame you&#039re in will be set to file ASPFILE2.asp where the other frame will get ASPFILE1.asp. This can of course be used for more frames as well.

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    Sorry, wrong thread answer.. :)

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